Our Facility

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The Comparative Orthopaedics Biomechanics Laboratory occupies a space in the Veterinary Medical Center. The laboratory is dedicated to specimen preparation, fixture assembly and mechanical testing. Available equipment includes:

  • MTS 858 MiniBionix Material testing machine (axial)
  • MTS 858 MiniBionix Material testing machine (axial/torsion)
  • 30 gpm Hydraulic power supply (sufficient for the two existing load frames with the ability to accommodate at least two more)
  • Exakt diamond blade band saw
  • Exakt grinding system
  • 75 cu.ft. freezer for specimen storage
  • Surgical supplies for specimen preparation or dissections
  • Machine tools for building fixtures
  • Instron Mechanical Testing Machine
  • I-scan system
  • Strain gauges kit
  • Output recorder drill press